Wardrobe Update at Goodwill + December Goodwill Haul

I had the privilege of accompanying one of my good pals to Goodwill.  Now, let me tell you, it hard for this girl to get away (she has five kids…WHOA), but we managed to take advantage of an IMG_4150abbreviated day at work.   As we traveled to Goodwill, we talked about what we wanted to look for.  While I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, my pal is looking to update her wardrobe.  She doesn’t get away often to shop for herself, so today was a real treat for her!




We started in the kids’ section.  We can’t help ourselves to shop for our kiddos, my pal especially.  I wanted to remind her that she needed to focus on herself, but today was her day, so I let her dig away in the kids’ clothes.  She racked up!!  Many of the tags were the color of the day, which meant that they were half off!





She finally made her way to the women’s clothing.  She was lucky there too!  She found many items that she would wear to school/work and casually.  I believe that it helps to have a friend shopping with you, because it helps to take risks with fashion that you wouldn’t take normally.




We had a very successful trip to Goodwill!  We both hard a cartful of clothing each.  I ended up with one large bag of clothing/shoes, and my pal ended up with two bags of clothing and a toy for her baby boy.  I’m so excited for her to wear her new finds, and feel refreshed while wearing!

Here is some of Lora’s favorites from her haul.

I’m super excited about my haul this time!  I got a couple pairs of shoes that I feel like made the whole trip worth while, and I got a cute red turtleneck (if you have been following me for long, you know my love for turtlenecks runs deep) sweater to wear for Christmas!  Scroll over each picture to find out more!

Since our trip, I’ve had requests to take Goodwill trips with other friends!  I can’t wait!  Marrying two things that I love, digging for deals and spending time with gal pals.  Can’t go wrong.  Until next time friends…


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