Goodwill Meet-Up Feat. My Sister

IMG_5005My sister was very upset to know that she wasn’t the first person to be featured for a Goodwill Meet-Up on my blog.  I immediately remedied this by scheduling a day for her and I to go.

We went on a Friday evening, and it was the week after the “First Saturday” half off sale.  Katie (my sister) was looking for weekend wear that “wasn’t work-out clothes.”  She works at a local bank where blazers, panty hose and heels are the regular attire.  She spends much of her money on these type of clothes (they are expensive), and doesn’t spend much on clothes that she just wears on the weekend.  She also shops Goodwill regularly for items that she can wear to work, but that was not what we were on the hunt for today.

I, personally, wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but a friend of mine has asked to look for black, ripped jeans.  I didn’t have any luck in finding this item, but I did have luck finding a few basic pieces for myself, as well as the hubs.  I’ll start there.

As my husband (Josh) gets older, he likes more basic pieces that are comfortable.  These are pieces that he can easily pair with jeans and tennis shoes.

Josh has been a huge fan of J. Crew since high school (me as well).  So purchasing these pieces were a no-brainer.  I put together a look using all the pieces purchased, plus an added Carhartt beanie that he already owned.

It is so easy to find loads of things in Rylee’s size.  She is a x-small/small.  She is a Freshman in high school, and has her own style (comes by it honest).  Many of the things that I would pick out for her, she doesn’t care for.  I managed to snag a couple of things for her on this run.  The plaid top is from Abercrombie, and still had the tags on it!  SCORE!  The sweater is super cute with a braided tie detail from the neck to the edge.

Ryder is a little bit easier to please.  I snagged him this Junk Food vintage looking baseball tee.  How cute is it??  I didn’t post it, but I also snagged these Vans on my last trip to Goodwill.  One wash, and they look brand new!

I’ve had my eye out for the perfect chenille cardigan.  I absolutely loved the color of this one, and it goes well with my other favorite color…RUST.

I’ve always wanted a cool hat, but always felt that my hair was too short to rock one.  Of course, when the price is right ($4.99), I feel like I can take the risk.  This risk definitely paid off.  I have worn this hat every chance that I’ve gotten!

Who doesn’t love a basic, flowy tee.  I love American Eagle’s line of “Soft and Sexy” tops.  I have a few that are great for layering (see rust colored tank above).

Katie was able to snag a few tops.  Check out the cute button downs.  I love the pattern of the Victoria Beckham for Target top, and the tie detail at the neck of the H&M top.  She did manage to find a couple of “weekend tops.”

It definitely wasn’t one of my more successful trips to Goodwill, but it was nice to hang out with Katie (and our kiddos, Ryder and Kami).

I can’t wait to meet up another friend at Goodwill!  Who’s next??!!  Until next time, pals!


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