Louisville Thrift Trip

My husband was called away on business to Louisville, KY. A free hotel stay? No kids? Alone time with the hubs? Count me IN!!

I got to hit five Goodwill’s in and around the Louisville area. The stores themselves were not as big as my local one, so it did not take very long to shop them. I also found that the stores had better prices than my local store in Tennessee. The Kentucky stores did not offer a student and teacher discount, or have a rewards program.

My first stop was store #5221 Taylorsville Road location. I scored two items that were half off (color of the week tag). I spent a total of $14.58, and got 5 items. That’s $2.91 per item!

My second stop was store #5220 Huntington Ridge Drive/Middletown location. There were tons of good finds here! Out of all of the Goodwill’s I visited while in Louisville, this was probably the best one. When checking out, I asked the cashier for a teacher discount, and he replied that there was none. He then gave me each item half off! I got 10 items here, and paid only $20.25! That’s only about $2 per item!

My third stop was store #5227 Hurstborne Parkway location. I was flying high after leaving the previous location, and was ready to thrift hard at this location. I found lots of cute items at this location, but was sorely disappointed when I had only gotten one item at half off. I got eight items at this store, for a total of $32.55. That’s about $4 per item, which is still a bargain.

On the way out of town the next day, I shopped two more Goodwill’s. The first being store #5229 Antle Drive location. I could tell as soon as I started looking that I wouldn’t find much here. It’s a feeling I get when I start looking at the first couple of racks. However, I continued looking, and my feeling was right. I found three items, two of those were half off. My total was $5.59.

My last stop was store number #5228 Adam Shepherd Parkway location. This store had lots of cute items, but I think by this time I was thrifted out. I was on my way home, and my husband had called to say that he was on his way home as well. I found three great items, all full price, for a total of $11.52.

Many of the pieces I purchased are versatile, and can be worn casually or dressed up. My tendency is to go more casual, as you probably know if you follow me on Instagram. Here are some looks from this week with pieces I thrifted on this trip

I absolutely loved thrifting around a big city. Each store had a different vibe of clothing that was offered. Typically, when I go out of town, I shop retail stores, so this was a different experience for me. An experience I will most definitely be having on the regular!

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