Monthly Fashion Feed – December and January

December moves by quickly with holiday parties and gatherings with friends and family. January, on the other hand, moves by at a glacial pace. It’s like a piece of dust floating in the air, or a plastic bag caught in the wind.

I have been feeling like I am in a fashion rut as of lately. I am called by cardigans, plaids, graphic tees and leggings DAILY. It’s hard for me to gravitate to anything that would require real pants. My body craves all the comfy, cozy vibes.

Now that the end of January is nearing, I’m attempting to be more conscious of the looks I’m drawn to in my closet. I want to shake things up. I want to break out of the mold that I have put myself in. I know that there will be days that a cardigan and graphic tee is just what’s going to happen, but there will be some days when I will be exciting! Stay tuned!

In the busyness of the holidays (and getting back into a regular routine), I totally forgot to post my regular Fashion Feed. The trends here for me are mix and match effortless pieces. Comfortable rules the day! Enjoy!


This Zoe and Liv sweatshirt is so versatile. I have dressed this shirt up for work, and dressed it down with this look.

Jacket: Old Navy (thrifted)//Shirt: Zoe and Liv (Target)//Leggings: C9 (Target)//Shoes: Nike

This coat is so on trend right now. It pairs well with most any outfit (or any outfit that my jean jacket doesn’t work with). It was a major score at Bargain Hunt for $5!!

Sunnies: Ray Ban//Jacket: Xhilaration (found at Bargain Hunt)//Sweater: Jealous Tomato (thrifted)//Shirt: American Eagle (thrifted)//Jeans: Old Navy

I found this vest at Walmart last year. I trimmed the collar just a bit, because my shoulders are a bit small (the collar was extremely large). The flannel was actually a J. Crew Factory MEN’S purchase in a Small. It has the cutest elbow patches.

Sunnies: Ray Ban//Vest: Faded Glory (Walmart)//Shirt: J.Crew Factory//Jeans: Gap Factory//Booties: Roxy

This look is all about the SHOES! How fun is the color?! I struggled to style these shoes, but was dying to wear them! I still struggle to style them, but I’m being more creative.

Cardi: J. Crew//Shirt: Anthropologie (Thrifted)//Jeans: Pisotla (Thrifted)//Shoes: Nike (Thrifted)

This peplum top was definitely a score from Goodwill. A similar v-neck is selling like hot cakes from Urban Outfitters, and this little number is the same brand. I can’t forget the bandanna, of course!

Cardi: No Brand (Thrifted)//Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply-Urban Outfitters (Thrifted)//Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s)//Moccs: Minnetonka

A killer combo here: One scored from thrifting, and the other scored from a major sale! This cutie sweater may be making another appearance just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sweater: Loft (Thrifted)//Skirt: J.Crew Factory//Jean Jacket: Able Denim


I styled this look based on these too cute sneakers! I absolutely love the colors. My daughter purchased these, and decided she didn’t like (I have a feeling she’ll change her mind).

Cardi: J. Crew//Tank: American Eagle//Leggings: Old Navy//Shoes: Nike

I was super excited when I found this sweater at my local thrift store. I had been seeing star sweaters EVERYWHERE!!

Sweater: Thrifted//Jeans: Able Denim//Shoes: Time and Tru (Walmart)

Another big thrifting score styled here. Peep that hat? It’s a genuine Stetson. Looked brand new, and was priced new around $75-$100! The tee was also thrifted, but was hand printed by a company called Imogene+Willie (local, out of Nashville, TN). It retails for $68!

Hat: Stetson (Thrifted)//Jacket: Able Denim//Shirt: Imogene+Willie (Thrifted)//Pants: Forever 21//Booties: Target

Another style inspired by my new, trusty Stetson! These booties matched the color of the hat perfectly, really bringing together this look.

Hat: Stetson (thrifted)//Jacket: Xhilaration (found at Bargain Hunt)//Dress: Old Navy//Booties: Mossimo (Target)

This is probably my most favorite look from the past two months. It was comfy, cozy; yet, put together.

Sweater: Dreamers LA (Thrifted)//Joggers: Aerie//Shoes: Nike

Attempting to dream up ways to fight the Polar Vortex is how I came up with this look. This sweater was another difficult pieces for me to style. I can’t wait to bring this flat lay to life!

Sweater: Forever 21 (Thrifted)//Jacket: Able Denim//Shirt: Old Navy (Thrifted)//Jeans: Old Navy (Thrifted)//Booties: Mossimo (Target)

Hopefully, some of the looks inspired your very own #ootd. If they do, please email me pictures! Remember, all of my daily looks are posted on my Instagram! Until next time…

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