February Goodwill Meet-Up

It was fun day with this bunch on my monthly trip to Goodwill. This time I took along Mel Sadler (a good pal of mine), along with her daughter, Emma (who is a good pal of my daughter).

My sister, her kid (Kami), and my kids (Rylee and Ryder) also tagged along (peep Ryder’s face in the background, can’t you tell he is having a BLAST, lol). Having my daughter to come along was a real treat, because she usually avoids Goodwill like the plague (I think her gal pal coming along had something to do with it).

Mel and I had been planning this trip for quite sometime, and had cancelled once already. Mel had recently cleaned tons of clothes out of her closet that didn’t fit her anymore, and was in the market for some good fitting clothes. She was also on the hunt for a pair of black heels for an upcoming shower.

Mel didn’t have any luck in finding the black heels that were exactly what she wanted (which is hard enough to find in a store where the shoes are brand new – amiright?). She did have luck in finding some basic tops that she could dress up or down. Her daughter, Emma, had some luck as well. Here are their finds:

I didn’t have as much luck for myself as I usually do. However, Rylee (my daughter) had some great luck. She wears a little size, which I feel has a ton to offer at Goodwill. Here’s what Rylee scored:

Here’s my haul.

I forget what it’s like for those that don’t thrift normally to go thrifting with me. Mel was not accustomed to digging through the racks to find things. I helped her navigate and dig to find items that she or Emma may like. Hopefully, she’ll come back with me sometime, although, I think she may need TONS of rest before does. Hahaha!

After eating lunch, I hit another thrift store across town, Serenity Thrift. I usually don’t shop there often, because I don’t find much there usually. I found five tops there, and some of them were on sale for $1. SCORE! See what I got…

Check out my Instagram stories for how I styled my finds! Happy thrifting pals!!

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