Style with a Purpose Meet-Up

Saturday, April 13 was the biggest ever Style with a Purpose event that Goodwill of Middle Tennessee has hosted to date. Twenty bloggers gathered with racks of pre-selected clothing for customers to shop.

This was my very first event as a “fashion blogger,” and it was so very exciting. Many things that I had not ever experience before. Goodwill arranged a photo shoot for me (and the other bloggers, of course). I had never participated in a photo shoot before. Live video and photos were taken. My awkwardness took the the front seat as the shoot began. My nerves were quickly eased, however. The photographers were super friendly. I was also allowed to pick the photos I liked the most, or if I wanted something touched up. The photos were used for social media marketing, as well as print marketing for Middle Tennessee Goodwill stores.

Day leading up to the event, Goodwill shared mini videos of each blogger. Also included was a short bio of each one. Emails were sent to those on the email list for Goodwill. It was so neat when friends would text me just to say they got an email with my face on it!!

The Thursday before event, I was scheduled to shop for my rack at my local Goodwill in Cookeville, TN. I had to have at least 60 items on my rack including clothes, accessories and shoes. Needless to say, I felt a bit overwhelmed! Some of my students came along to help me shop, which I was so grateful for! I met most the management team, and they were so helpful and accommodating. As I was shopping, I was noticing how easy it was to find things for my rack. I wasn’t restricted to getting things only in my size. I just considered my style, and picked out items of ALL sizes. Me and the girls were there for 3 HOURS! Talk about an epic shopping day!!

I was nervous when it came the day of the event. One of my best girl friends came with me, which helped mellow me out. Once the pre-selected racks were rolled out, it was like Black Friday!! Shoppers were super excited to shop the racks. I wasn’t sure what I should’ve been doing, so I stuck beside of my rack. I talked and visited with customers that were shopping my rack. Once things settled a little, I visited with the other bloggers and checked out their racks. It was so amazing to see all of the eclectic styles that each blogger brought to the table. In the back of my mind, I worried that I would not stand out amongst the other bloggers (who were more trendy and cool in my mind). I realized, though, as the day went on, that each of us has a personal style, and that communicates with different shoppers. My mom, daughter, and another one of my besties came to support me as well.

I had been following many of the other bloggers on Instagram, and it was amazing getting to meet them in person. Such a supportive and creative group of people. I took mental notes for style inspiration.

I didn’t get to shop much, but I still stepped out with a few pieces. Some I found on the racks of other bloggers, and some I found on the racks within the stores. I did get to shop the store, but I was shopping for more items for my rack. I ended up with a great felt hat, a Forever 21 tee (still with the tags), a We the Free tee, some white platform sneakers from Target, and some jewelry.

I absolutely loved participating in the event. Most definitely something that I will never forget. It is my hope that I can continue working with Goodwill!!

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