Thrifting for Vacay

Today was the first time I went thrifting with a specific purpose in mind. When I go, I usually think of a few things that I may need, but never for a specific event or purpose. The family will be leaving Saturday for Seagrove Beach, FL. I was shopping specifically for this event. Things like tanks, tees, shorts, and dresses. Anything that could be worn on the beach!

This top is Lucky Brand. It still had the tags on, and the price was $34.50! It was an XL, which is above my size range (even though I usually wear my tops loose and flowy). I also love the v-neck paired with the exposed shoulder.

This is another Lucky Brand top. This one still had the tags on top at $34.50! This one was an XL as well, but it fit like it was meant to be oversized! It’ll be perfect paired with denim shorts.

I LOVE this top. It’s probably my favorite from this trip. It is by Old Navy but it screams Madewell to me. This is an oversized boyfriend fit tee. Check out the embroidery (not printed) detail on the pocket.

Who says you can have too many basic v-neck white tees?? NO ONE! This is my third one of these specific tees, and I love them. They wash well, and are easily dressed up or down.

Printed flowy skirts are on trend for Spring and Summer. This particular one was a little long for my taste, so I plan on cutting the length to make it Midi. That’s the beauty of thrifting, you can alter things to make it what you want!

Ok, I know what you must be thinking. That looks like a safari vest, and I would have to agree here. But, I saw so much potential for this cutie at the store (see try on video on IG). It was 1/2 off today, so what did I have to lose by bringing it home? Paired with the right shirts and accessories, this will be super cute!

So I said the Old Navy top was my favorite, I may be lying. These boots are Tom’s, and if you’ve ever had a pair of Tom’s boots, you know they’re extremely well made! Fully leather, these boots are the perfect color and length (and my size)! Needless to say, these will be in heavy rotation!

If you landed here from my IG stories, then you’ll see there were a few things that I didn’t go home with. That’s what happens when you thrift. I may have a cart FULL when heading to the fitting room, and spend 30-45 minutes just trying on. Some days everything works out, and you’ve stuck gold (and spent a small fortune). Other days only few items work out, and exhaustion sets in from thrifting so hard! But to me, that’s the fun and thrill of it! Happy Thrifty Thursday pals!

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